Download leads daily

Our domains database is updated regularly. You won’t run out of new data.


Find business data

Each domain profile includes information about the owner and all their public business data.


Access location info

Improve your location-based outreach by knowing where your leads come from.

Prospect new companies

Your potential customers create business domains every day. We help you introduce yourself to them before your competitors do.


Promote your service

  • Be there for your customers as soon as they express their needs online.
  • Reach out to the titles that matter. Sell your products and services to those who need them.
  • Get + 100,000 new domains added every day.
Expand your business

Opt-in leads

We work only with the domains that officially agreed to make their business information and domain data public.


Increased conversion

Use our database for outreach, reselling and cross-selling.


Easy import

All lead data can be easily downloaded and converted to an Excel file.


Team access

Add team members to fully control your daily lead management and lead research.


The perfect solution for SEO companies, marketing agencies, WordPress site developers and content creators.

No hidden fees.

Free plan
Limited 3 Data Downloads


  • Data limitations
  • Download limitations
  • Time-limited
Pro plan
Unlimited access


  • Unlimited downloads
  • Export feature
  • Unlimited leads to find

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Frequently Asked Questions

Want to know more about our product?

Our Pro Plan package includes all features. You gain full access to the latest database updates. There is also to limit the volume of lead data you can download and export.
As soon as you report an issue, we start working on resolving it. The response time may vary depending on the complexity of the issue, but on average we respond within an hour.
You can do it anytime by logging into your dashboard. There, you have an option either to freeze your subscription or cancel it completely.
Invoices are created automatically after you upgrade from Free plan to Pro Plan or your subscription is renewed. Subscription fees are charged automatically each month.
We’re open to any suggestions. You can send us your feedback and ideas for assessment. If they provide an opportunity to improve the functionality and make the product more convenient for all our users, we will then include in new versions of the product. Please note that it may take a while before the new features are implemented.